The Wind in the Willows - Auditions

Chichester Players are looking for actors and backstage support for their Christmas production, Alan Bennett’s adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s classic children’s story The Wind In The Willows, with music by Jeremy Sams. Directed by Liz Vicary and Peter Waters, with set design by local artist Richard Whincop, the lively adventures of Toad, Rat, Badger and Mole are brought to life in a fun, family production.

There are numerous parts available, large and small, old and young, so do come along to the auditions on either Thursday 6th July at 7.30 in the Jubilee Hall at the New Park Centre, Chichester, or Thursday 13th July at 7.30 in The Studio at the New Park Centre. If you are unable to attend either audition or would like further information do give either Liz (07581 007030) or Peter (07425 160775) a call. Anybody interested in backstage roles is also very welcome to make contact. Performances are December 6th – 9th.

Mole: Mild-mannered and home-loving animal. Fed up with spring cleaning Mole ventures into the outside world, initially overawed by the hustle and bustle of the riverbank.
Rat: "Ratty" is cultured, relaxed and friendly, though perhaps a little stubborn, and enjoys a life of leisure. Ratty takes charge of Mole.
Toad: The wealthy scion of Toad Hall who inherited his wealth from his late father. Although good-natured, kind-hearted and not without intelligence, he is also spoiled, conceited, and impulsive. He is prone to obsessions and crazes.
Badger: Gruff and solitary, who "simply hates society", Badger embodies the "wise hermit" figure. A friend of Toad's late father, Badger is uncompromising with the disappointing Toad, yet remains optimistic that Toad’s good qualities will prevail.
Otter and Portly: A friend of Ratty with a stereotypical "Cockney costermonger" character, the extrovert Otter is tough and self-sufficient. Portly is Otter’s young ‘child’.
The Weasels: The story's main antagonists. They plot to take over Toad Hall.
The Gaoler's Daughter: A "good, kind, clever girl", she helps Toad escape from prison.
Albert: A morose, intellectual horse, possibly from Wolverhampton.
The Washerwoman: Who washes clothes…obviously.
The Bargewoman: Who washes clothes…obviously. And has a song!
Squirrels and rabbits, who are generally good (although rabbits are described as "a mixed lot").
The Ferrets and the Stoats, who are generally not so good.
Policeman, Gypsy, train driver, magistrate etc etc

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